Working Abroad

Working at a Foreign Location for an Extended Period of Time

UW employees who expect to work abroad for an extended period are advised to research potential health and security risks posed at the foreign site prior to departure. These risks can include:

  • Unsafe food and/or water conditions
  • Local means of transportation (e.g., taxis) to not use
  • Roads or regional routes that may have a high security risk
  • Particular areas of major cities to avoid

Employees who expect to work and stay in a foreign-based hotel for an extended period of time are advised to carefully evaluate accommodations.

Health, Safety and Security

All UW students, faculty and staff traveling outside the U.S. should think ahead about health, safety and security. UW Global Traveler outlines health, safety and security resources and requirements for all UW student and employee travelers.

International Emergency Assistance

See the site, International Emergency Assistance, for help managing an international emergency for UW faculty, staff or students who are traveling abroad on university-related business.

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