UWorld is a Washington nonprofit corporation set up by the University of Washington (UW) to facilitate the University’s overseas activities. The UW fully controls UWorld and any UWorld subsidiary. UWorld can only do what the UW is legally permitted to do and cannot undertake activities that the UW cannot or does not want to undertake.

As a Washington nonprofit corporation, UWorld is one option through which the UW can operate when an established legal status abroad is required. In addition, the UW Attorney General’s Office can retain host country legal counsel to assist with establishing legal status. This can be a lengthy process so it is important to identify this need as early as possible. It can have significant implications for the UW as a whole, therefore further approvals are required by a chair, dean and the Provost’s Office.
Note: Because UWorld is so closely affiliated with the UW, which is a Section 115 organization, the University has not sought 501(c) (3) status.
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