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"International Health, Safety & Security Seminar"
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On Call International

The UW provides faculty, staff and student employees travel assistance through On Call International while traveling abroad on university business.

"International Health, Safety & Security Seminar"

In March 2009, the Global Support Project and Office of Global Affairs co-sponsored this seminar with OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Committee). The seminar provided a range of information about:

  • Alcohol and drug use and abuse
  • Health and safety
  • Maintaining safety & security of university operations at international sites
  • Student mental health issues
  • Training for program leaders
  • U.S. Department of State resources and services for health and safety


Click on a title to download the presentation.

Government Health, Safety & Security Web Resources

U.S. Dept. of State Travel Warnings

OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Committee, Department of State)

OSAC provides continuously updated information about emerging threats to security abroad.

Emergency Assistance to American Citizens Abroad (Consular Affairs, Department of State)

Consular Affairs provides a range of emergency assistance to U.S. citizens who need help abroad. The assistance can be for such things as locating someone, issuing an emergency passport or help in case of a crime.

Traveler's Health (CDC)

CDC Travelers' Health web site offers information to assist travelers and their health-care providers in deciding the vaccines, medications, and other measures necessary to prevent illness and injury during international travel.

Students Abroad (Department of State)

This site is designed for students preparing to travel internationally. As the site states, "When traveling abroad, you need more than just your backpack and flip flops. That’s where we come in. We’re here to make sure you

  1. have your travel docs,
  2. can find the nearest embassy,
  3. know what to do in an emergency,
  4. travel with insurance, and
  5. generally try not to make a "spectacle of yourself"

UW Pre-travel Health Services

Both the Travel Clinic at Hall Health and the Travel Medicine Service at UW Medical Center provide pre-travel services. Check their web sites for more information.



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