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*Ariba is not currently compatible with IE in 64-bit mode, or the Edge browser in Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system.

Additionally, the client's operating system should not matter. If the OS carries the supported IE version (for example, Windows 7 with IE8 ), this is a supported combination.

During dual biennium processing, Ariba transactions for old and new biennium are viewable each day in the financial system. FAS processes transactions for one biennium per night. Those transactions are viewable in MyFD and the FIN driver on the following days:

FAS Accounting Months

  • Month 24 = Old biennium transactions processed in June
  • Month 25 = Old biennium transactions processed in July
  • Month 01 = July transactions - first month of the new biennium
  • Month 02 = August transactions

Check the Supplier Search Report in the BI Portal to determine if the supplier is registered in the vendor database. 

No. M&E object codes may still be visible, but should not be selected. If M&E codes are used, the transaction will be rejected to the department. M&E object codes should only be applied in buying modules (i.e.: purchase order or blanket purchase order).

General Payment Information for the 2013-2015 Biennium

The PAS system processes vendor payments every night except for 7/7/2015, which is the FAS biennium crossover. The PAS system cannot issue payments for new-biennium invoices before the FAS biennium crossover

Please Note: PAS vendor payments include printed vendor checks as well as ACH and bankcard payments


July 1st - 6th Vendor payments dated July 1st - 6th are only for the PRIOR biennium (2013-2015)
July 7th

PAS system will be down and unavailable from about 6pm on the evening on July 7th

(FAS biennium crossover occurs)

July 8th

No vendor payments issued today. No special payment requests can be accepted or processed.

The new Biennium is now set as 2013-2015

July 9th
First date for posting new-biennium PAS transactions to FAS
July 27th
until the next
FAS biennium crossover
in July 2017
PAS vendor payments only available for NEW biennium (2015-2017)


You may use the UW Travel Card only for expenses related to the following official UW business while on travel status:

  • UW business related travel expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, registration, car rental, ground transportation and miscellaneous travel expenses. 
  • Meals associated with hosting and entertaining, however a ProCard is the preferred method for these types of purchases. (Reimbursement is based on department approval and funding source.) 
  • UW business related expenses such as photocopying and faxing however a ProCard is the preferred method for these types of purchases.

In addition, you may use the UW Travel Card for non-reimbursable expenses where it is not practical for a merchant to separate the non-reimbursable charges onto a different bill (e.g., in-room movie or mini-bar charges).

Yes. As long as the supplier is a UW-registered supplier, use whichever method you prefer.

The delivery address determines the sales tax rate that is applied to your Non-PO invoice, when applicable. ARIBA will always use the delivery address to cross check the sales tax entered on the invoice. For this reason, always add the address where the goods physically shipped to.

Cardholders must make sure the outstanding balance is paid in full to the bank and the card is turned in to the department upon separation. Any remaining default is to be charged to the University, the department will then be responsible for any remaining default owed.

All documents related to the UW Travel Card may be fully disclosed as a public record to the extent provided for by the Public Disclosure Laws.

NOTE: Charges for personal travel are not allowed on an Individual Travel Card.

Adding personal time/travel with a business trip is allowable only when all of the following conditions exist:

  • The primary purpose of trip is official UW business
  • Approved leave is used during personal portion
  • UW does not incur any extra expenses beyond what it would normally incur

Click the Read More... link to review the Travel Office policies and guidelines for combining personal time/travel with a business trip.

If a new card is ordered on a field advance request, it takes up to 5-7 business days to arrive.  We will notify the custodian and cardholder when we receive the Western Union debit card.  The card will be available for pick up at our office or, we can send via campus mail.

Once the card is received by the cardholder, the field advance desk must be notified by email at: so, it can be activated and loaded with funds.

To find out if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:

  1. From your Control Panel, go to “System and Security” and click on “System”.
  2. Under System, you can view the system type.

If your computer is running Windows XP, do the following:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Right-click “My Computer”, and then click “Properties”.
    If "x64 Edition" is listed under System, you're running the 64-bit version of Windows XP.  If you do not see that, you are running the 32-bit version.

To add a file with no additional spend down:

  • Log on to your field advance dashboard
  • Click on the pencil icon under "Edit SpendDowns"
  • Click on "Create New SpendDown" Under the "SpendDowns" tab
  • Attach your file
  • Type, "0.00" under "SpendDown Amount in US Dollars"
  • Click "Save"
  • The "In Process" yellow tab will expand and if there are no additional spend downs, click "Submit" under "Submit for Approval"

The receipts must be uploaded and saved before the budget number and object code is entered into the system. 

The “In Process” yellow tab will expand.  To enter the budget number to charge, click on “New Detail”.  Enter the budget number and select the object code.  After the information is entered, click “Save Detail” and confirmed, a new line will appear to enter another expense item.  PCA Task, Option & Project are optional.  

Account Codes

Best practice is for advertising charges to be paid by Procard. Employees should not use their personal funds to pay for this type of service. At this time, account code 03-21 for Advertising will not be added to the eReimbursement portion of ARIBA.

Please refer to the account code website located at:

You might also find it helpful to visit the taxability grid at the Tax Office web page, located at:

Amazon Business

Campus customers should ALWAYS go to the strategic master agreements on Ariba eProcurement first to meet their purchasing needs.  If the product they are looking for is not available from any of our existing eProcurement Suppliers, Amazon is an available resource to locate those hard-to-find or specialized items. 

You do so by emailing, and we will have Amazon send you a request to confirm your email address and start using your account. Make sure to include the following set of information below in your email:

a. Name of your group

b. Name and email address of the person who will be an Administrator in your Group; you can have more than one Administrator for a group.

c. Names and email addresses of other users to be added to your group and their roles (Requisitioner or Administrator or both)

We will respond with an invitation within 24‐48 hours unless he has additional questions. Any of the above roles can be changed later if needed.

Yes, as with the Prime Two‐Day shipping benefit, it is only limited to eligible items displaying “Free Two‐Day Shipping” next to their price. Items must be sold or fulfilled by Amazon to be eligible for Free Two‐Day Shipping by Amazon. Gift cards and some oversized and / or heavy items are not eligible. Learn more about eligibility restrictions at:

Amazon Business provides an efficient and easy shopping experience, however, in the Amazon Business Accounts Terms and Conditions (June 22, 2018 edition), they stated that they are currently not able to accept federal flow downs terms and conditions.  Based on that, we are advising our campus customers to keep the purchases with Amazon Business Prime under the current Procard single transaction limit of $3,500.

Follow the steps in response to Question 2 but also inform us at that you have an existing Prime account and provide the log in email address for that account. When we invite you using that same email address, you have the option of importing all your existing ordering history over to your Business account. If you use your personal email address for your Prime membership, you would need to use a UW email address to set up the Business Account and should use your personal Prime account for personal shopping only.

If you have recently purchased a Prime Member for the sole purpose of your departmental purchases (not personal) and have barely started using the free two‐day shipping benefit, then Amazon will provide a prorated refund based on the estimated amount of shipping benefits already used with that Prime account. If you are near the expiration of your Prime membership, we recommend that you let the Prime membership expire and instead of renewing, set up an Amazon Business account. Anyone who is seeking a refund for Prime will need to contact Business Customer Support. Refunds are based on how much of the Prime shipping benefits that have been used to date.

Amazon Business Customer Support: (888) 281‐3847

UW has established a Master Account with Amazon Business and that would be the top tier in our account structure. We will then set up separate groups under the UW Master Account and each Group can be a separate school, department or business unit. Within each group, there will be a Group account administrator who has the ability to create sub‐groups within the group, invite additional users, and set each user’s approval limits. Again, this is an interim measure for the time being. Once Amazon becomes a punch‐out catalog supplier in eProcurement, it will default back to the existing Ariba ordering approval workflow for your department.

Yes, and furthermore, if you have already established that as part of your Prime account profile, all that detail will simply transition over to your new Amazon Business account.