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Yes, you can pay an honorarium for this type of presentation.

You will need to complete the UoW 1631 form and the UoW 1570 Check Request form. Please make sure that you note on the 1570 that the "services were performed outside of the US." This is done so taxes are not withheld on the honorarium payment and will also prevent Procurment Services from needing additional documents for processing.

If you purchase an item normally classified as food but use it for another purpose, it is still treated as food and therefore, not taxable.

Example 1: A department purchases vinegar but uses it for cleaning. The vinegar is not taxable. 

Example 2: A department purchases pumpkins in fall and has students decorate them for display in the office. The pumpkins are still considered food and are not taxable.

What are examples of items which do not apply to this rule? Items sold for medical or hygiene purposes, alcohol, tobacco, candy, bottled water, soft drinks, and prepared foods. 

See:, #2b.


UW Terms and Conditions

According to the UW General Terms & Conditions (section 28), payment is not considered late if a check, warrant, or electronic transmittal notice has been mailed or issued within the time specified by the contract, or if no terms are specified, within 30 days from the date of receipt of a properly completed invoice, or goods, whichever is later.

Any late payment charges accrued on an invoice will be charged to the budget number listed on the purchase order, and subject to buyer review.

In general, invoices will be processed for payment Net 30 days from the date a properly completed invoice with a valid purchase order number is received in UW Accounts Payable.

Invoices will not be processed for payment until all items invoiced have been received.

Please also see our General Terms and Conditions.