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To claim the Tax Treaty benefit, you need to fill out a W8-BEN form and send it to the Student Fiscal Services or the Payroll office. Your department should have this form if you are not able to print a copy from the IRS website.

If your country does not have a Tax Treaty Benefit with the U.S., you will need to pay U.S. taxes if you receive U.S. source income that exceeds the amount of the tuition expenses.

A scholarship or fellowship is subject to tax if it exceeds the tuition charges and required book fees. Read more in IRS publication 970, page 4.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all students to have an SSN. The IRS fines the UW $50 per nonresident alien student if they do not have an SSN recorded in the UW payroll system or Student Database (SDB) system.

You may apply for an SSN by getting a letter from the International Services Office and taking it to any Social Security Administration office; or get a TIN from the Payables Administration Office if you are not eligible to apply for an SSN.

Yes, you need to pay taxes for any amount the exceeds your tuition charges. As an NRA student, you will be charged 14% tax if you have an SSN in the SDB system. You will be charged 30% tax if you do not have an SSN in the SDB system.

If you come from a treaty country, you need to file a W8-BEN form to declare the treaty country status. You can get the form from the Payroll Office, or from your department. After you complete the form, send it to Student Fiscal Services (Box 355870).

Yes, if you didn't file a W8-BEN form, you will be charged regular tax if your scholarship or fellowship exceeds your tuition, books and fees.

Yes, a department may use its budget to pay for your NRA tax withholding in the SDB system, but in order to do so, it must increase the award amount by 14%. Otherwise, SFS will take out the 14% tax before the money is awarded to you.

It is for nonresident alien students that received US source income while studying at the UW.

The 1042S form will only be given to nonresident alien students who have received scholarship or fellowship money that exceeds their tuition and related fee charges. You will not recieve a copy of the 1042S form if you only have a tuition waiver on your account and do not receive any checks.

No, nonresident alien students do not qualify for these tax credits. Anyone who is at the UW with a visa does not qualify to claim these credits either, even if an income tax return is filed every year. Therefore, you will not be sent a 1098T tax form.


A scholarship, fellowship, prize or stipend may be disbursed from the Student Fiscal Services (SFS) Office if a student is enrolled in the current quarter. Otherwise, the Payables Administration Office or the Payroll Office will handle the disbursement. Each of these offices also manages the tax withholding for any award.

Short-Term Loans

There is a $30 fee for borrowing the loan. If the student chooses to utilize the one-time due date extension, an additional $30 fee will be assessed. There may be additional fees if the loan is not paid on time.

STL due dates are always the fourth Friday of the quarter following the quarter in which you borrowed the funds. For example, an STL borrowed in Autumn quarter will be due the fourth Friday of Winter quarter. STLs are always due in full by the due date.

No. The loan must be paid in full by the due date.

If your STL is not paid in full by the due date, SFS will place holds on your ability to register, make schedule changes, or obtain records such as your academic transcript. These holds will not be removed until the account is paid in full.
Additionally, the loan will be removed from the UW system and will be transferred to our billing servicer, Heartland ECSI (formerly Campus Partners). Once this happens, you will begin accruing late fees and the loan will be reported as past due to your credit, which may affect your ability to obtain credit or purchase a car or home in the future.

If the loan remains unpaid, it becomes subject to additional action such as referral to a collection agency. If this occurs, you will be assessed additional collection costs up to 33% of the total balance of your loan. This means that an $1800 balance may increase to as much as $2300!

Student Database (SDB)

Two ways: You can access the budget on M7-14 or you can post an award on M6-19. When you access them, if you get the following two messages, you will know that you do not have access. You will need to submit budget access form. See question above.

Scenario 1: M7-14: If you do not have access you will get the message, "YOUR USER-ID DOES NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE REQUESTED FUND"

SDB M7-14 screen

Scenario 2: M6-19: If you do not have access you will get the message, "YOUR USER ID DOES NOT HAVE UPDATE ACCESS TO THIS FUND"

SDB M6-19 screen