Student Fiscal Services (SFS) currently oversees the billing service for UW Invoice Receivables. The Invoice Receivables services provided through SFS meet the requirements of the State of Washington for the billing, managing and reporting of miscellaneous receivables for departments.

Financial Transformation

*Important* Student Fiscal Services will no longer process invoice payments with Workday Go-Live starting on July 1st, 2023. All new department invoices will need to be submitted through the Workday system starting July 11th, 2023.

Cash Application will now be handled by the Central Cash Application Team (CCATS). All payments will need to be sent to a new lockbox and bank account. We will process all invoices payments in the current state till the end of day, June 30th, 2023.

  • Invoice uploads are freezing starting on June 16th.
  • Invoice payments made to SFS via check starting on July1st, will be forwarded to the CCATS team lockbox for processing.
  • The new lockbox address and account number will be provided by Banking and Accounting closer to Workday Go-Live.
  • ACH/Wire Payments made to SFS for invoices will be transferred to the CCATS team for a period.
  • Obtain the new ACH/Wire account information and bank letter by submitting a request for ACH/WIRE Instruction Request Form.

Helpful links to the Banking and Accounting Newsletter that detail upcoming changes that we suggest reading.

BAO Newsletter #35 dated 4/28/2023

BAO Newsletter #35.1 dated 5/31/2023

For question regarding the new process, please send an email to