Student Fiscal Services (SFS) oversees the central billing service for UW Invoice Receivables. The Invoice Receivables services provided through SFS meet the requirements of the State of Washington for the billing, managing and reporting of miscellaneous receivables for departments.

Receivables Procedures

Departments working with SFS for their Invoice Receivables can obtain a print out of the full receivable procedures here.

If the department chooses to manage the invoice receivable processes without assistance from SFS, please review the procedures and standards for the State of Washington. If this option is selected, the department is required to meet all State requirements.

The following links are provided for online viewing for departments working with SFS for their invoicing needs:


Online links for frequently used forms for departments working with SFS for their invoicing needs:


  • Request to add new Invoice Receivables Budget - NetID login required
    • New budgets must be initially added to the IR system before any invoices can be processed. Allow two business days for processing. SFS will email when new budget has been added to the billing system. 
  • Invoice Entry - NetID login required
    • Invoice data must be entered prior to invoice being sent to the customer. If the invoice entry is before 3pm, the invoice can be sent to the customer after noon on the following day. If the entry is after 3pm; wait one more day to send the invoice. We will let you know by noon the following day if there is a problem with the data upload. Please read requirements for invoice entries in the Procedures & Forms section listed above. 

Invoice template examples updated December 2018.