Departments may use certain budgets to authorize scholarships, fellowships, stipends, grants and prizes/awards to currently registered students. Depending on the terms of the budget, these payments may be paid directly to the student, or can be applied directly to the student account to pay allowable expenses such as tuition, student insurance or related fees. These payments are authorized by the department managing the budget, and are disbursed through the Student Database (SDB).

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Determine appropriate budgets to use, type of budget, and the allowable expenses the budget may pay
  • Authorize or verify the budget set-up terms in SDB
  • Request Budget Access for department budgets on SDB, when needed
  • Determine student award recipients (amount of award and correct academic quarter/s)
  • Authorize department student awards online in the Student Database (SDB)
  • Confirm that student awards posted are accurately disbursed to recipients
  • Reconcile budgets regularly - dollar amount posted to correct student for authorized quarter/s

Authorizing Student Awards

Departments that wish to disburse funds to students from departmental budgets must have the budget set-up in SDB. Refer to the Departmental Scholarship User Guide for details.

Forms you may need to make your student awards:

  Request for SDB Budget Setup or Revisions Award Cancellation Request Request for Assistance
Form and Purpose
Set up budget allowances and restrictions in the Student Database (SDB) Request cancellation of an award that has been disbursed (requires SFS adjustments) Request troubleshooting assistance from SFS staff by emailing
New Budgets Required As Needed As Needed
Existing Budgets Revisions only As Needed As Needed

Awards and Prizes

Departments may give students awards or prizes to recognize their academic accomplishments. These may be posted into the SDB using the same procedures as for departmental scholarship awards (see Departmental Scholarship User Guide for details). As these payments are taxable for nonresident alien students, please consult the Tax Office Forms and Policies or email for more information.


Tuition Processing Responsibilities

Student Fiscal Services

Grant and Contract Accounting

Graduate School

  • Process Request for SDB Budget Set-up online forms
  • Help departments troubleshoot problems with their online awards in SDB
  • Provide information about budgets used to pay tuition for students with Graduate Service Appointments
  • Process journal voucher transfers involving grant and gift budgets for tuition expenditures
  • Serve as a contact for questions regarding NRDs
  • Provide information regarding job classes for Graduate Service Appointments

Nonresident Differential (NRD)

The Fellowship and Assistantship Division of the Graduate School authorizes and processes the nonresident differential (NRD) waivers for eligible fellows and trainees. If a student has a qualified stipend appointment in the OPUS system, the Student Data Base system will post the NRD waiver automatically on the student’s account.