You accepted a Federal Perkins Loan for the current financial aid year. Student financial aid records indicate that you completed a Federal Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and are not required to complete another MPN for your current Perkins Loan. Federal regulation requires that certain information about the Federal Perkins Loan program be disclosed annually to borrowers. If you have any questions regarding this information, contact Student Fiscal Services (SFS) at 206-543-4694 or SFS Institutional Loan processing at

See the promissory note for a complete listing of terms and conditions.

I understand that:

  • My Federal Perkins Loan is a LOAN and must be repaid in full even if: I do not complete my program of study; I am dissatisfied with my education; I am unable to secure employment upon completion of my program.
  • The Annual Percentage Interest Rate of 5% will be charged on the unpaid principal balance and will begin to accrue nine (9) months after I cease to be enrolled as at least a half-time student at this institution. At this time principal and interest repayment will also begin. I may prepay all or part of my loan at any time without penalty. If I repay more than the amount due for an installment, the excess will be used to repay principal unless I designate it as an advance payment of the next regular installment.
  • If I am unable to pay on time, I must contact and make arrangements with the SFS Office at the University of Washington, as this school holds my promissory note.

Lending Institution:
University of Washington - SFS
129 Schmitz Hall
Box 355870
Seattle Washington 98195-5870

  • This loan is reported to a national credit bureau at least annually. If I fail to: a) make scheduled payments when due; b) submit forbearance, deferment, or cancellation documentation before the due date of a scheduled payment; c) comply with the terms and conditions of the Note or written repayment agreement, the University of Washington may declare my loan in default and the entire unpaid balance, including principal, interest, late charges, and collection costs may become immediately due and payable.
  • Failure to pay my loan may: a) prevent me from registering at the University of Washington or obtaining official copies of my student records including grades, transcripts, and diplomas; b) result in my loan being assigned to the U.S. Department of Education; c) cause my federal and state income taxes to be withheld; d) make me ineligible to receive any additional federal financial aid funds. If I default on my loan, it will negatively impact my credit score.
  • Collection agencies may be used to collect loans which become past due and will result in my paying additional collection costs. Attorneys and legal firms may be used to collect loans in default which will result in my paying attorney's fees plus other costs of collection. I understand that the University of Washington and any collection agency or legal counsel under its direction may contact any school which I attend or have attended to obtain information concerning my student status, year of matriculation, classification, dates of attendance, date of graduation or withdrawal, name(s) of other school(s) I may have attended, and my current address. I further understand that the University of Washington may obtain my current address from local, state, or federal agencies.
  • By accepting this loan, my eligibility for other forms of student financial assistance may be reduced at the University of Washington. Funds received under this loan are to be used solely for educational expenses at the University of Washington.
  • I must report any of the following changes to the Student Fiscal Services Office (SFS) of the University of Washington if: a) I drop below half time status, withdraw, or transfer; b) my name, address, telephone number, or social security number changes; c) I become entitled to any deferment or cancellation of my loan; d) my graduation date changes.
  • Based on availability of funds, the total amount of Federal Perkins loans that I may borrow in any academic year or its equivalent is $5,500, as an enrolled undergraduate student, or $8,000, as a graduate or professional student. The maximum cumulative amount that I may borrow is $27,500 for an undergraduate student who has completed two academic years and is pursuing a bachelor degree, or $60,000 for undergraduate and graduate loans combined, or $11,000 for any other student.

Make checks payable to the University of Washington. All payments should be mailed directly to our servicer:

Heartland ECSI
P.O. Box 718
Wexford, PA 15090

Correspondence and forms should be mailed directly to our servicer:

Heartland ECSI
P.O. Box 1278
Wexford, PA 15090

  • No charges will be deducted from or collected by the University of Washington at or prior to the disbursement of my loan.
  • If I have other eligible student loans, I may want to consider loan consolidation.
  • The minimum monthly loan repayment requirements, based on a five percent (5%) interest rate over ten (10) years would be approximately:
Amount Borrowed / Estimated Payment
Up to $3,000 $ 40
$ 5,000 $ 53
$15,000 $159
$30,000 $318
  • Late Charge: If any installment is not paid on its scheduled due date, I promise to pay the penalty charge assessed against me by the Lending Institution, an amount not exceeding 20% of the unpaid amount of the installment.
  • Prepayment: No penalty for early pay off.
  • Deferment:With proper documentation, I may qualify for a deferment if I am: a) enrolled in at least a half-time course of study at an eligible school; b) seeking but unable to find full-time employment; c) experiencing an economic hardship; and d) in military service for active duty during a war or other military operation.
  • Cancellation: With proper documentation, I may qualify for a partial or complete cancellation of my loan if I perform qualifying service in the following fields: Teaching; Early Intervention Services; Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer; Nurse or Medical Technician; Child or Family Service Agency; Head-Start, Pre-Kindergarten or child care program; Members at a Tribally controlled university; Librarians; Speech and Language Pathologists; Public Defenders; Firefighters; Volunteer under the Peace Corps Act or the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973; or Military Service in areas of hostilities that qualifies for special pay under section 310 of Title 37 of the U.S.C.
  • I also understand that I may be eligible for a special incentive loan repayment program that will repay a portion of my loan for specified military service.
  • Rehabilitation: If I default on my loan and that loan has not been reduced to a judgment as a result of litigation against me, I may request to rehabilitate my defaulted loan by making a voluntary, on-time monthly payment (as determined by the University of Washington Business/Loan Office) for nine consecutive months. If I successfully rehabilitate my loan, I will again qualify for any remaining benefits and privileges of my original promissory note, and the default will be removed from my credit history.