Rebudgeting is the reallocation of line items within an Award budget.

  • Sponsor requirements differ on rebudgeting; review the Award and sponsor regulations before rebudgeting.
  • Ensure the correct authorizations are being followed; not all sponsor staff are authorized for all types of approvals. Typically the Grant Managment Official, rather than the Program Officer, is the person authorized to approve rebudgeting. Review the Award and Sponsor regulations to determine the correct authorizer.
  • Sponsor approval may still be required for some expenditures; re-budgeting does not always negate sponsor approval.
  • Be sure to document how the rebudgeting benefitted the Award and how Award objectives were achieved with funding expended differently than what was originally proposed.
  • Auditors may question line item expenditures that are not in line with budgeted amounts. So if there is a significant change from proposed to actual expenditures, be sure to provide a justification for how Award objectives were achieved given such a deviation.