Upated:  11/14/2017

The Research Terms and Conditions (RTCs) either modify or provide clarification to the provisions of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) as it applies to research and research-related Awards issued by participating Federal awarding agencies.  The intent of the RTCs is to reduce the administrative burden for research institutions by either providing clarification to Federal requirements and/or waiving select Prior Approval requirements.

The RTCs are posted on the NSF website and can be found here.

Not all Federal agencies implement the RTCs.  A list of agencies that implement the RTCs can be found on the NSF website via the above link.  Some Federal agencies also have “Agency Specific Requirements” which can also be found on the website.

The effective date of the RTCs and the effective date for the agency implementing the RTCs differs by agency.  Review the individual Award to determine if the Federal agency includes the RTCs as part of the Award requirements, and the effective date of agency implementation.

The RTCs include a Prior Approval Matrix which provides a summary overview of the Prior Approval Waivers provided by participating Federal Agencies. The Matrix can be difficult to read so a UW-edited version can be found here.

As always, any provision in the RTCs can be superseded by the terms of the specific Federal agency Award; the Award MUST be reviewed to determine the applicable requirements.   For a review of the hierarchy of regulations on a federal award, click here.