What qualifies as a payment to a Performer?

Used to pay for artistic performances to UW Students and Non-UW Individuals


  • Musical performances
  • Dance recitals

Not intended for groups, current UW employees or Foreign Nationals.

Tip: When using a new Non-UW Group (ex: a highschool band), make sure they have signed up as a new supplier using the UW Supplier Registration Form. Please allow at least 2-5 weeks for the performer to be fully registered before a payment can be made.


Know before you begin

Payment rules for performers vary by performer type. In order to assist departments with navigating the different rules, Procurement Services has created the following chart to assist campus.

Performer Type Document Needed Pay Using Approximate Time to Payment
UW Students and Non-UW Individuals Invoice or contract Payments to Individuals (P2I) 10 days from date of receipt
Current UW Employees

Student Fixed Fee and Unrelated Duties Payment Authorization form

Payroll Depends on date of service


Supplier Registration form and invoice for payment


$10,000 and under:

Non-PO Invoice

Over $10,000:


New Suppliers:

1-5 weeks from the date of registration

Existing Suppliers:

Non-PO- 5 days from the date approved

PAS PO- 30 days

Foreign Nationals

Check request form 1570 and additional documents as listed on the Global Operations Payment Checklist (see "Pay Foreign National as an Independent Contractor or Performer" checklist)


Check Request 5-15 days

How to pay a Performer in P2I

  1. Log in to eProcurement: Click on the "eProcurement Login" image in the quick links box (right-hand side of the browser window)
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Click Create, then Payment to Individual
  4. Enter the Title (if possible, include the Payee's last name)
  5. Select the Citizenship Status of the individual
  6. Select Performer as the Type of Payment
  7. Enter the date of activity
    •  Tip: Payment should not be processed (XP created) more than 2 weeks in advance of date of activity. Any payments prior to the service date must be sent to the campus box. If activity spans over multiple days – enter the last date of the last day of the activity.
  8. Answer the Independent Contractor Status Verification questions about individual
  9. Enter Payee Information
  10. Click Next
  11. Add Business Purpose and Amount
  12. Choose Budget Number
  13. Click Add to add the item
    •  Tip: For split accounting by dollar amount, users can copy the item and edit the budget number and dollar amount
  14. Once all items are added, click Next
  15. Review payment for accuracy
  16. Add any comments
  17. Click Add Attachments to upload scanned attachments (or invoice for service payment type). Do not include personal information like bank account details, social security number, or address information in either the comments field or on the attachments
  18. Click Submit

Have questions? Contact pcshelp@uw.edu.