FASTRANS and Biennium Close

The University's 2013-2015 fiscal biennial period ends June 30.  As in previous periods, the accounting records of the closing year will remain open during July for additional update.  All issuers of automated CTIs and ISDs using FASTRANS, who have prior year activity to be recorded during July, must segregate such activity into a separate file(s) referencing Accounting Month 24.

Special Reminder
for FASTRANS Users:

Remember to submit prior biennium files to Month 24.

(the file must have 24 within the Fastrans naming format, i.e; F2407081.ISD)

It is recommended that input be submitted by July 17th, 2015 (earlier if possible), in order to allow time for error correction, and so that other departments can be aware of charges coming their way.


Fastrans users should check the web-based FAS Batch Summary Report the next business day after submitting to see if any transactions rejected so those transactions can be corrected and resubmitted. The report can be found within the EDW Reporting Services, Financial folder:  

  • If not authorized for Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), please contact your unit’s MyFD Authorizer who is likely also able to authorize users for the most common Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) roles.
  • If you don’t know who to contact for authorization, use the self-service ‘Who can authorize me?’ lookup found on the ASTRA page here: to lookup MyFD Authorizers for your unit by budget or org code or contact the ASTRA team ( directly.

The absolute LAST DAY to submit Fastrans originals or resubmissions is July 22nd, with no opportunity to correct rejected transactions. 

In prior years, some departments missed the cutoff, causing the University to report activity, both internally and externally, in the wrong fiscal period.  Extended delays will also delay University collections for work performed under letter of credit, state appropriation, and agency account arrangements.

The typical inquiry goes like this:  “I submitted a file yesterday but nothing has posted, nothing shows on the FAS Batch Summary web report. What happened? Do I resubmit?

Answer:  Probably best to not resubmit or you may end up with duplicate transactions.  During biennium crossover, different accounting months are processed each day.  It’s likely that your submitted file is awaiting FAS processing for month 24 and will run on the next ‘month 24’ processing day.  You can view the FAS Production schedule to see which accounting month is being processed each day.

Users can see which accounting month is being processed each day at
These spreadsheets are very technical, but do include information about
which month is being processed.

If you have any questions about Fastrans, please email with 'Fastrans' in the subject.