Effective August 1st, 2012, documents required to support all Ariba processes, including Non-PO Invoice and eReimbursement, should be attached electronically within the application. The improvement, in part, is due to the recently released University Scanning policy and changes in the eProcurement (Ariba) system. The attachments will be the official record for the Ariba transactions. The attachments will be maintained in accordance with the UW approved records retention policy.

The benefit of this using this feature is that in most cases you no longer need to retain the hard copies of the documents in department files, provided that you adhere to the University Scanning Policy which is summarized below.

IMPORTANT: For destruction of invoices/proof of goods received/receipts/records, each department must create a scanning policy that is in compliance with Records Management.


Create a Scanning Policy for Your Department

Department Scanning Policy must include:

  1. Instructions for the use of scanning hardware, including scanning setting:
    1. Set your scanners to a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch)
    2. Save documents as a PDF file
  2. Instructions for Quality Control inspection of scanned documents:
    1. Ensure that the documents are inspected visually to ensure they are complete, clear and easily read
    2. Compare the number of original paper documents to the number of scanned records to ensure that every document was scanned
  3. How your scanned records are enhanced or manipulated to create a more readable image:
    1. Include, in detail, the steps that will be taken to correct a scanned record that is not clear and difficult to read (not complete, blurry, or otherwise illegible)
  4. When a departmental copy of the scanned documents will be retained:
    1. When it is not possible to produce a complete, clear, or easily read scanned image (the hard copy document must be retained)
    2. When the documents are created under SNAP grant budgets include:
      - instructions for naming and filing scanned documents
      - The process used to identify images that have past their retention period
      - The process through which these images will be deleted/purged.
  5. A copy of this written policy documentation (paper or electronic) must be filed with UW Records Management Services:
    Barbara Benson
    Box 354910

Please note:  Some departments may already have internal imaging systems in place to store documents. Attaching documents to Ariba may not replace your department’s current policies and procedures. Be sure to check with your department for additional instructions.


Questions / More information:

For more information regarding this new policy, visit the Electronic Records: Scanning section of the Records Management website at: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/recmgt/scanning

NOTE 1: The process described in this communication applies only to documents that are being attached to Ariba. If departments scan other documents that are NOT being attached to Ariba and want to destroy the original paper, they must first schedule a consultation with UW Records Management Services at the beginning of this process, before records are scanned. Please contact Barbara Benson at bbenson@uw.edu to schedule a consultation.


NOTE 2: Please refer to the Departmental Scanning Requirements for additional information