MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Reconciliation Status Report leverages the Budget List Report functionality, providing an activity-to-date view of the reconciliation status for a pre-existing budget list or for a specific budget number in an adjustable three month timeframe.  This report gets its information directly from the Reconciliation Report and  is accessible from the MyFD reports dropdown menu, or via a link on the Reconciliation Report.

Working with  the Budget Status Report

To view a report:  Choose a pre-existing budget List with the ‘View List’ drop down, or enter an individual budget number to view three months worth of reconciliation status for budgets you have access to. If you do not have a budget list created there are two places to learn more:

  • Watch a quick 3-5 minute tutorial on Budget list creation
    • Take a look at the Budget list report page with full text instructions.

Reading the Report:

Each month indicates whether the budget is  open to expenditures and revenue or if it has closed and nothing further will post to that budget. Two columns beneath each month display the current reconciliation status for that month, the NetID of the person who set that ‘Status’ as well as the ‘Next Step’ in the process (as determined by the person who set the current status).  

Status information is obtained from the Reconciliation Report. The ‘Status’ and ‘Next Step’ hyperlink directly to that month’s Reconciliation Report (where the status can be set or changed), while the NetID links to the current UW Directory information.

Status  Definitions and How They Appear on this Report:

Current Status
How to Set
Action Needed
Transactions have posted to this budget/month but no reconciliation activity has been performed.
Automatically set by system.
No Transactions

The No transactions have posted.

Note: Transactions may continue to post to a budget until the month has closed.

Automatically set by system.

Budget did not exist during the selected time period.

“Inactive” only shows up if:

  • The time period selected includes three months that span a biennium crossover, i.e. May/June/July or June/July/August.


  • The budget(s) existed in one biennium but not in the next.
Automatically set by system.
In Process Reconciliation activity has been recorded on the Reconciliation Report. Automatically set by system after any reconciliation activity has occurred (transactions have been checked, flagged or a comment/note has been entered).
In Process (Rejected) The Reviewer, Secondary Reviewer or PI Reviewer have rejected this reconciliation. (A note is required to reject a reconciliation and will be found on the Audit trail). Set by Reviewer, 2nd Reviewer or PI Reviewer. (Note is required to reject.)
Reconciled Detailed review of transactions and supporting documentation. Set by  Reconciler.
Reviewed High level budget review and analysis by a person accountable for the budget and someone conversant with the rules and regulations of the budget . Set by departmental reviewer.  (Reviewer determines next step, i.e. done no further review, 2nd review or PI review.)
2nd or PI Reviewed Additional High level budget review and analysis by a person accountable for the budget and someone who is conversant with the rules and regulations of the budget, potentially the Principle Investigator. Set by  2nd Reviewer or PI.

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