MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Transaction Detail is the information about a transaction that is able to be reviewed from multiple reports like Transaction Summary or Reconciliation reports. Click on the linked Description or the linked 6-digit Account Code in the Transaction Summary report or the Reconciliation report to drill down to the Transaction Detail. The data in Transaction Detail is also able to be queried; users can create ad-hoc reports using the Query tool to retrieve the transaction detail fields for multiple transactions at once. The most common query to retrieve Transaction Detail data is the Transaction Summary reporting template in the Query tool.

Reading the Transaction Detail Report

Click on blue anchor links at the top of the report to jump to a particular report section.

For online transfers initiated through MyFD, a blue “Show Expense Transfer” button is displayed at the top; click on this to see the original Expense Transfer form, including notes, reason for transfer, and audit trail. The original Expense Transfer can also be accessed without going through Transaction Detail by clicking the date reference in Transaction Summary or Reconciliation (in Transaction Summary the date is prepended with a "TX:").

Item names, shown in blue along the left hand side of the report, are links to the MyFD Glossary; glossary entries provide additional explanation of the field as well as possible values. The Value column displays the specific value for that transaction, followed by the Value Description; values and descriptions will vary for each transaction.

Transaction Detail is especially useful in providing links from transactions to the origin of those transactions and contact points for the transactions. For instance, during reconciliation, locating the origin and contact for a charge that posts on a budget but is not familiar is helpful. Simply click the Description to open the Transaction Detail, scroll down to the Originating Area Code to see the Value and Description, then click the Originating Area Code link to open the Glossary and find the Contact associated with the Value.