MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Querying Using a Template

Query templates are pre-filled with criteria and report fields that will help you retrieve appropriate results.  You can also modify templates to further refine a query.  Templates require you to, at minimum, fill in steps 1 and 3a.

  1. On the Queries drop-down menu, select Create New
  2. Select a Query Template from the list of Reporting or Expense Transfer Templates.
  3. In step 1, enter the budget number(s), OR select a budget list, OR enter an organization code to query
  4. Report fields have been pre-selected in step 2; add or remove report fields as needed
  5. In step 3a, select the time period you want to query
  6. Step 3b has been prefilled to refine the query results—if you aren’t sure what the filters (query operators) will do, leave them!  Note: Leaving a value blank in a line of additional criteria will not adversely affect your query results. 
  7. Refine your query further, add additional lines of criteria in step 3b if needed.
  8. Select the query output format
  9. Name your query and select Save & Run (strongly recommended*)
  10. Query results will appear on the Status & Results page after the query is complete

* If you name and save the query you will be able to run future queries from your customized template; find the customized template on the My Saved Queries page

Running or Revising a Saved Query

  1. On the Queries drop-down menu, select Status & Results


  1. Select Save & Revise from the Queries results menu
  2. Select Run to re-run the query or Revise to change it before re-running

Viewing Query Results

The Status & Results page is a temporary holding area for query results. Queries that have been run will post on this page, allowing you to easily retrieve query results. All query results will be deleted after 5 days.

  1. Select Status & Results from the Queries dropdown menu
  2. Click Done - View Results; results will open in the format selected on the query
  3. If no results are returned, select Save or Revise Criteria to adjust query before re-running

Block Content

* Click + to see a template description on the Create New page

* Report fields are the columns of data you see in your query results

*Name and save your query to reuse later!