Description: This dashboard displays tuition transactions that post on sponsored awards that are not training grants or fellowships, and do not have a Graduate Student Appointment paid on the Award.

Issues: Tuition is an allowable charge to a Federal sponsored award only if:

  1. The purpose of the award is to provide training to selected participants and the charge is approved by the Federal awarding agency, or
  2. Fringe benefits in the form of tuition or remission of tuition are paid to students that work on a sponsored award under a qualifying UW Graduate Student Appointment.

Tuition paid in lieu of wages, sometimes referred to as “stand alone tuition”, is unallowable on all sponsored awards.

Indicators: Charges in Object Code 08-05 Tuition and Fees


  1. Does not include sponsored awards that are Training Grants or Fellowships (based on the Function/Sub-Function code in FAS).
  2. Does not include sponsored awards with charges in Object Code 01-40 (Graduate Student Appointments – Non-Teaching Salaries)


If the Award is from a Federal sponsor, and the purpose of the award is NOT to provide training and tuition is NOT an allowable cost that is approved by the sponsor, or there is NOT a qualifying UW GSA paid on the Award, then the tuition expense should be charged to an alternative funding source.

For-non Federal sponsors, review the terms and conditions (or sponsor policies) to determine whether tuition is an allowable cost.

For more information, please see the PAFC webpage on Tuition.