Publication Costs

In accordance with 2 CFR 200.461, the federal government states that “publication costs” includes “costs for electronic and print media, including distribution, promotion, and general handling are allowable” as a direct cost when identifiable with a particular award.  

Page charges for professional journal publications are also allowable when: 1) the publication reports on the work supported by the award, and 2) the publisher charges the same costs for all items published.  These costs may be incurred after the end date of the award (Total Period End Date) but before award close out.  This means that the costs must be posted to the award (paid) by the Final Action Date (FAD) in order for the cost to be included with the final invoicing/reporting.  If it is anticipated that publication costs will need to be paid after the FAD, then a No-Cost Extension (NCE) must be obtained or requested of the federal sponsor.

As with any type of cost, an estimated amount of anticipated publication costs may not be added to the final invoice/financial report to allow for costs to be incurred after the FAD.