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Room Rentals

If it is for research or study space, it probably would not be allowable because that space is included in our F&A rates. If it is meeting space “owned” by an auxiliary enterprise such as student housing, the HUB, or athletics, the room rental fee might be allowable. We would need to determine if the space is included in the F&A rates or not.

UW-owned facilities that are used for instruction, research, or administration would be included in the F&A rates and therefore a rental or fee charged for the use of those facilities would not be allowed as a direct cost. Facilities that are set up for recharge or as a cost center are an exception, as these are identified and removed from the facilities component of the F&A rates. In addition, facilities operated by auxiliary groups such as student housing, athletics, the HUB, and the cultural center are not included in the F&A rates, so charges for use of those facilities would generally be deemed allowable.

Just because it is in the proposal and funded does not make it allowable. The prohibition against double charging would take precedence over inclusion in the proposal.