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UW Finance Transformation


The progress and ponderance of 2020

Vice President of Finance

December 15, 2020

Here we are, nearing the end of 2020 --by anyone’s standards, a year unlike most in our lifetimes. As we close it out, let’s look back at the progress the UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) program has made during this unprecedented time — working almost entirely virtually — and acknowledge our current point in time as we take a moment to ponder, assess and validate the next steps needed to best move the program...

UWFT VOICES: Paula Ross, Director, UW Finance Transformation

UW Finance Transformation

Superheroes Welcome in the WAA&R Room

August 21, 2020

Paula Ross is an 11-year University of Washington professional. She began in 2009 as HR Director at the UW School of Law. Five years later, she transitioned to the UW’s HR/Payroll (HR/P) Modernization program where she helped implement Workday®. She then became Director of Workday...

Everything you need to know about change management can be learned by watching "Columbo"

 July 22, 2020

By:  Jeff Bishop, OCM Director, UW Finance Transformation
        Jason Kalivas, OCM Lead, UW Finance Transformation

There’s a lot to love about “Columbo,” the  absent-minded, working-class ‘70s TV detective played by actor Peter Falk. Columbo has a sort of effortless, rumpled charm that invites even the most guarded suspect to play along. He relies on the culprit’s...

Embracing Change

Assistant Vice President, UW Finance Transformation

June 29, 2020

Summer 2020 is upon us. I think it’s safe to say, thus far – amidst the landscape of COVID-19 and racial injustice protests – this year has been one of the most unusual and challenging times we’ve ever experienced as individuals, an institution and as a nation.

As of today, all of our...

A transformation is underway to ensure we continue to be good financial stewards

President, University of Washington

May 14, 2020

Our great public University is almost 160 years old and we have endured for so long in part because we have been willing and able to adapt ourselves to the changing landscape around us, staying in step with new technologies and evolving norms and expectations. Now it is our turn to ensure that the UW can continue to thrive long into the future as responsible and forward-...