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UW Finance Transformation

FT Stabilization

Week of 4/24 Workday Finance Stabilization Update

UW Finance Cube Released:

The Reporting & Analytics team (R&A) and Finance DATAGroup have released the new UW Finance Cube. This advancement connects users to Workday data, offering greater flexibility than traditional reports. The cube provides a comprehensive view of UW Finances for Fiscal Year 2024, including revenue, expenses, and beginning balances. Users can analyze transactions at various levels using dimensions like Ledger Account, Cost Center, Fund, Function, and more.

Week of 4/17 Workday Finance Stabilization Update

Post Award Grant Administration Stabilization Update

  • GCA’s Award Setup backlog continues on a downward trend and is now under 800 items, an 12% decrease in the last two weeks and a 48% decrease since the start of the calendar year. The team is currently analyzing the most common reasons for returning items to campus with a goal of generating internal process improvements and creating clearer guidance for campus customers.

4/11 UW community message from CFO, Sarah Norris Hall - Updates on Workday Finance stabilization

Dear UW community,

Since stepping into the position of Senior Vice President and CFO in January after the merger of UW Finance and the Office of Planning & Budgeting, our new team continues to learn, respond to emergent issues, and build capacity to achieve the benefits of Workday Finance. At this stage, I want to convey several important messages to our community, especially faculty and staff:

Week of 4/3 Workday Finance Stabilization Update

Post Award Grant Administration Stabilization Update

  • The Award Setup backlog has been trending down for several weeks and has declined 41% since early January. In response to the high volume of Award Setup Requests (ASRs), training efforts have been focused on creating capacity for experienced team members who can review and process ASRs.

Week of 3/27 Workday Finance Stabilization Update

Procurement Stabilization Update

Through Procurement Services’ oversight in managing the Workday Location Customer Account Number (“LCAN”), a crucial data element determining delivery locations for the University, the efficiency of transmitting purchase orders from Workday to our suppliers has vastly improved. From a peak of 1,083 order failures on August 2, 2023, we have seen a remarkable reduction, with just 23 failures reported as of March 9 of this year. This marks an impressive 98% decrease in the rate of purchase order failures.

Week of 3/14 Workday Finance Stabilization Update

Procurement Stabilization Update

Significant progress has been made in stabilizing Workday within procurement. Since go-live the University of Washington – inclusive of the medical centers -- has paid over $1.9 billion in goods and services. Our backlog is down to 2% and we have successfully paid 98% of our invoices due. We continue to focus efforts on system stability and improving user satisfaction.