GCA has the ability to manually place a hold on a Award Setup Request (ASR) or a Modification Request (MOD). A hold is used when clarification is needed in order to accurately process the item.

Types of Holds

The different types of holds are described in the following table.


Due To

Sponsor Input Required

Additional information is needed from the sponsor in order to complete the processing of the item in Workday. Example: need to request payment schedule details

GCA/OSP Coordination Required

Questions for OSP come up during GCA’s review of the item

Campus Input Required Questions for the campus unit. Example: confirm that two similar Modification Requests are not duplicates

General Hold

This hold is used for a reason that does not fall into one of the three more specific holds above. Example: received amendments out of sequence


Applying a Hold

When GCA applies a hold to an ASR or MOD, a generic hold banner will appear on the item in SAGE to indicate that a hold has been applied to that item. You can go to the item's Comments & History section to see the specific hold applied and a comment entered by GCA with more information about the reason for the hold.

Note: GCA may apply more than one hold to an item. All holds must be resolved in order to fully process the item.


Removing a Hold

When a hold is ready to be removed, GCA will manually remove the hold and enter a comment to provide more information about why the hold is being removed. When the hold is removed, the SAGE banner will disappear.

If there are no other holds or outstanding questions about the item, GCA will proceed with processing the item.



Please contact GCA via gcahelp@uw.edu or Award Portal if there is a question about a hold.