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When a new award is established in Workday, the Principal Investigator and the Grant Manager receive a notification in their Workday inbox as well as an email notification from SAGE. Researchers and campus units should review each new award carefully to confirm that it corresponds with their understanding of the award agreement.


What to Review

SAGE Award Setup Request Form 

The new award process begins with Office of Sponsored Programs and Grant & Contract Accounting entering important information about the award into specific fields in the SAGE Award Setup Request (ASR) form. It is important for campus units to review the Comments & History section of the ASR because that is where OSP and GCA enter award-specific information that are not reflected in other parts of the ASR form. The ASR is accessible in SAGE.


Workday Information 

The following are Workday fields that are important to review when a new award is created and are available in Workday and Award Portal:

  • Sponsor - An entity, external to UW, that provides funding, equipment, support, or other tangible items, directly to the UW (or UW Foundation) for research, instruction, or other sponsored activity in exchange for something of value. 
  • Prime Sponsor - An entity providing the originating source of funding or other consideration that may ultimately be awarded, in part, to a subrecipient. 
  • Award Line Contract Line Type - this indicates how the sponsor will reimburse the University and can either be Cost Reimbursable or Fixed Amount, which includes scheduled payment, milestone, letter of credit, clinical studies and clinical trials. 
  • Award Contract Dates - the current period of the award, typically 12 months in length. 
  • Award Line F&A Rate - the Facilities and Administration rate that is currently in effect. 
  • Award Plan - the breakdown of how the award funds will be spent. The categories and dollar amounts should correspond to the associated SAGE Budget worksheet. Note: Award Portal does not display the award plan but provides a link to the Award Plan in Workday.
  • Award Tasks - award tasks are used for sponsor invoicing, sponsor financial reporting, and award closeout. An award task can be assigned to GCA or to the individuals in the Grant Manager role associated with the award. When an award includes deliverables that need to be met in order to submit a sponsor invoice, the award tasks are assigned to the Grant Manager who can then log into Workday and confirm when the deliverable is met.
  • Award Line Special Conditions - these values reflect certain sponsor terms and conditions to facilitate workflow and reporting.

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