When a new budget is established, the PI and other departmental contacts receive an email containing a PDF of the Funding Action (FA) notification. Researchers and departments should review each FA notification carefully to confirm it corresponds with their understanding of the award agreement. Any questions should be referred to GCA via Grant Tracker. In particular, please review any OSP and/or GCA Comments, as these provide important information to the PI and department on management of the award.

FA Glossary:

  • FA Number – A sequence of numbers assigned by OSP for tracking proposals, awards and additional supplements. 
Account Setup Information:
  • Authorized Action – Type of action that OSP authorizes GCA to process. Sponsor of research is main source of information for OSP Administrator.
    • New Account – New Award not previously established.
    • Extension – Additional time allowed to complete the scope of work on the project.
    • Supplement – Additional project funding from sponsor.
    • Renewal – Continuation of a project with a separate budget number required for expenditure accountability.
    • Revision – Any revision to the previously authorized FA.
  • Type of Award: Sponsor of research is main source of information for OSP Administrator.
    • Grant – A financial assistance (including cooperative agreements) mechanism whereby funds are provided to carry out approved activities. In general, the award contains specific terms on the use of funds, the objective to be achieved, the faculty investigator, and responsible department.
    • Contract – A mutually binding legal relationship between the University and the sponsoring agency. Each award includes all formal conditions as outlined in the contract clauses.
General Information
  • Parent item number: The eGC1 number associated with the FA.
  • Prior budget number: If the authorized action is Renewal, the previous budget number is listed here.
  • Current budget number
  • Full application title: Application title as submitted to the sponsor.
  • Short title: Budget title as established in the UW financial system.
  • Principal Investigator: UW faculty member responsible for the project.
  • Org code receiving funding: Identifies the department or unit receiving funding.
  • Sponsor: Organization providing funding.
  • Sponsor type: Categorizes the sponsor, e.g. private industry, foundation, federal government.
  • Sponsor award number: The sponsor's code for the budget, often referenced in any sponsor communication with UW.
  • Modification number: Included if the action modifies an existing award.
  • CFDA number (if applicable): A five-digit number assigned in the awarding document to most grants and cooperative agreements funded by the Federal government.
  • Funding originates from a different sponsor than above: Identifies whether award is flowthrough from another grant; i.e. UW is receiving a subcontract.
  • Originating Sponsor, Originating Sponsor Type, Originating Sponsor Award Number: Identifies the prime sponsor if the award is flowthrough.
Budget Information
  • Budget details location: Source of the budget as established in the UW financial system.
  • Current project period: Start and end dates of the current budget number.
  • Current amount awarded: Funding added to the budget by this FA.
  • Non-monetary award, Non-monetary amount: Identifies and provides valuation for non-monetary awards, such as resources or property.
  • Facilities & Administration (F&A): See GIM 13, Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rates
  • Cost sharing, Total cost share amount: Identifies whether cost share has been committed to the award and in what amount.
Terms and Conditions
  • Payment type: Agreed upon method of payment by sponsor provided to OSP Administrator.
    • Cost Reimbursable – GCA bills/invoices the Sponsor for actual expenses incurred (commonly on a monthly basis).
    • Letter of Credit – Generally applicable to federal funding agencies. Payment is received through electronic transfers of cash from the Federal Reserve Bank to the University.
    • Scheduled Payment (Automatic) – Payment is made by the agency using a pre-determined payment schedule. The payment amount is not dependent on the performance of the project. No invoice is required.
    • Scheduled Payment/Milestone (Invoice) – Payment is made by the agency once approved deliverables are met. The payment amount is dependent on the performance of the project. The Sponsor is billed/invoiced by GCA.
    • Fixed Price Invoice – Payment is made by the agency upon the receipt of an invoice from GCA. The amount is pre-determined per unit of service (e.g. per patient visit or number of samples) regardless of the actual expenses incurred.
  • Disposition of Balance: For Scheduled Payment or Fixed Price awards, indicates whether an unspent balance can be retained by UW or must be refunded to the sponsor.
  • Carryover: Identifies level of approval required to carry an unspent balance to the next budget period.
  • Equipment accountability
  • Intellectual Property Provisions
  • Other Terms and Conditions
Invoicing and Reporting

Identifies invoicing and fiscal reporting requirements and deadlines.


Additional information provided by OSP and/or GCA. Please review carefully, as this section may include compliance guidance and requirements to follow in administration of the award.