Both renewals and supplement/extensions are mechanisms to continue a project with more time and money awarded.  However, there are key components in the award agreement that determine whether a new budget number is required for the continuation period, or the same budget can be extended throughout the project/competing segment.

Renewals require a new budget number due to:

  • Lack of automatic carryover (i.e. prior year’s remaining balance cannot automatically be combined with current year’s funds).
  • Separate final financial reports and/or invoices are required each year to close out the current period’s funding.
  • A new PO or grant # is issued for the new period.
Common examples of renewals:
  • Non-SNAP NIH awards.
  • T32 training grants.
Supplement/Extension – same budget number is retained from prior period(s) when:
  • Carryover is automatic or prior funds are not distinguished from new funding.
  • No requirement for final financial reports or invoices for each budget period.
  • Grant/PO numbers not drastically changed (i.e., an amendment # does not require a new budget number).
Common examples of supplement/extensions:
  • Flow through SNAP awards
  • Industry or foundation sponsored projects