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Recent Newsletters

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Updates and Important Reminders
      • Staffing Changes at GCA
      • Process Change: Discontinued courtesy Grant Tracker Reminders
      • Trends: Late Charges being Denied by NIH/Federal Sponsors
      • Payment Notifications for Grants and Clinical Studies
    • When Pending Transactions are Problematic

4th Quarter 2022

3rd Quarter 2022

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Useful Websites
    • GCA: Who We Are and What We Do
    • Researching Mystery Charges on Your Budget
    • Restricted Funds 101

2nd Quarter 2022

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Updates and Important Reminders
      • Washington State Estimate Letters
      • Cost Share Contributions
      • Review and Update Your Grant Tracker Contacts
    • Fiscal Year End 2022
    • Training Grant Reconciliation: What to Expect and Best Practices
    • Collaborative for Research Education (CORE)
    • GCA Grant Analyst Team - Welcome Jonathan Nagle

1st Quarter 2022

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Tips & Tricks (contacting the correct office; updating contacts)
    • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC) Merger Update
    • Salary Cap and Compliance Issues
    • When GCA Invoices Need Department Backup
    • Managing Foreign Currency Awards
    • Timely Cost Share Reporting

4th Quarter 2021

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Federal Policies on Late Posting Charges
    • NIH Childcare Allowance: Tips and Tricks
    • Training Grants – Stipend Corrections for Under/Over Payments

3rd Quarter 2021

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • Budget Setup Best Practices
    • Common Cost Share Mistakes
    • Pending Transactions 101
    • Temporary Budget Extensions
    • Get to Know the Grant Analyst Team

2nd Quarter 2021

  • Newsletter
  • Topics
    • New Advance Budget Request Module
    • Biennium Crossover: Impact on Grant Budgets
    • Upcoming Process Change: Internal Invoices
    • Training Grants
    • Renewals vs. Supplement/Extensions
    • Researchers Needed for Presentations

1st Quarter 2021

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • New Advance Budget Process Coming Soon
    • Department-Submitted Invoices Q&A
    • Update Campus Contacts in Grant Tracker
    • Rebudgeting 101
    • Requesting a Sub Budget Requiring Separate Billing
    • Short Training Videos Available on the GCA and PAFC Websites
    • Organizational Change in UW Finance

4th Quarter 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • What if My Award is Being Terminated Early?
    • NIH Termination Notice Process - From Department to GCA
    • Temporary Budget Extensions vs. Advance Budget Extensions
    • Form of Payment 11
    • Where is My Payment?
    • What is an Expense Transfer?