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Recent Newsletters

1st Quarter 2021

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • New Advance Budget Process Coming Soon
    • Department-Submitted Invoices Q&A
    • Update Campus Contacts in Grant Tracker
    • Rebudgeting 101
    • Requesting a Sub Budget Requiring Separate Billing
    • Short Training Videos Available on the GCA and PAFC Websites
    • Organizational Change in UW Finance

4th Quarter 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • What if My Award is Being Terminated Early?
    • NIH Termination Notice Process - From Department to GCA
    • Temporary Budget Extensions vs. Advance Budget Extensions
    • Form of Payment 11
    • Where is My Payment?
    • What is an Expense Transfer?

3rd Quarter 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • Supplemental CARES Act Funding
    • The Importance of Timely Cost Share Reporting
    • Subcontract F&A and Encumbrances
    • Advance Budgets - When and Why?
    • What is Carryover? 
    • What Happens After My Award is Sent to GCA? 
    • Staff Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • Preventing Stale Dated Checks
    • Fiscal Year End
    • Training Grant Reconciliation
    • View Open Grant Tracker Notes in One Location!
    • Financial Report Setup Under Sub Budgets
    • Automated Interim Reports
    • GCA COVID-19 Updates
    • Understanding F&A

1st Quarter 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • GCA Help Coverage
    • Sending Checks to GCA
    • Indirect Cost Adjustments - Change in Process
    • Surplus Transfer Process Change
    • Allocating Award Costs
    • Termination Notice Challenge - When a Fellow or Trainee Needs to Move Directly to a New Federal Award
    • Why Don’t I Have Revenue JV Access Anymore?
    • Reverse Expenditures
    • Transpasu Forms No Longer Needed For 06 Parent/Sub Transfers
    • Transpasu (TPU): Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

4th Quarter 2019

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • First Forum of 2020
    • New: GCA Forum Web Page!
    • Sponsor Invoice Requests
    • Change in Messaging for Department Submitted Invoices
    • Fellowships & Institutional Allowance Budgets – Which Costs Go Where?
    • Maintaining Your Fabrication Sub Budget
    • Participant Support Costs
    • Outgoing Subawards – Who Does What?
    • Billions and Billions of Budgets

3rd Quarter 2019

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • October Forum
    • Moving from Paper-Based JVs to MyFD JV Tool
    • Letter of Credit Cash Draws in Grant Tracker
    • Change to Milestone Communication Process
    • Invoices Requiring Department Input
    • When to Use GCA Help vs. Grant Tracker
    • Subcontract F&A
    • Temporary Budget Extensions vs. Advance Budget Extensions
    • Salary Cap: Which Level?

2nd Quarter 2019

  • Newsletter
  • Topics:
    • Biennium Crossover Impacts on Grant Budgets
    • Bulk Org Code Changes
    • Inclusion of Late-Posting Charges on Financial Reports and Invoices
    • Requests for Early Interim Invoices
    • Unallowable Expenditures: Contributions or Donations
    • Updated Cost Share Addendum
    • SLU F&A Rate Change
    • No Invoices on Advance Budgets
    • Reminder: Budget Setup System Delays
    • Reminder: Close Open Balances in ARIBA
    • Get to Know GCA!