Workflow and Backlog Tracking

This page includes backlog and current workload metrics for each major workflow process in Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) and provides context for the trend within each process. Some of the workflow categories do not have historical data as data collection only began in mid-February. This page is updated weekly on Mondays. We are currently working on metrics for the Invoicing process and will add a section for that workflow once available.

For more information, visit our Sponsored Programs Finance webpage about our strategy to reduce our workflow backlogs.

Award Setup

The graphic below displays total unprocessed Award Setup items categorized by item type. Unprocessed items are in the GCA Assigned or GCA Workday Setup request statuses.


April 15 Award Setup Update

GCA’s Award Setup backlog continues on a downward trend and is now under 800 items. The team is analyzing the most common reasons for returning items to campus with a goal of generating internal process improvements and clearer guidance for campus customers.  

Award Setup Items Returned by GCA

The graphic below displays Award Setup Requests and Modification Requests that have been returned by GCA to campus for clarification or correction.

If you would like to see Award Setup Requests and Modification Requests that have been returned by GCA, you can download the List of ASRs and MODs Returned by GCA (4/15/2024). The spreadsheet includes the item number, a link to the item in SAGE, the Cost Center Receiving Funding and the most recent entry to the item's Comments & History section. The spreadsheet is sorted by Cost Center Receiving Funding. A new spreadsheet is posted each Monday. Note: You will need a UW NetID to access the spreadsheet.

We encourage you to take the requested action or add a comment to the item's Comments & History indicating that the item is no longer needed and resubmit to GCA. If the item is no longer needed, GCA will deny the request in SAGE, which removes it from all workflow queues.

Even though there is a decrease in the overall number of items, the returned ASRs and MODs continue to be in the high 200s. Please visit the Tips for Success – Award Setup and Modifications Requests in SAGE for common reasons for returns and how to address them. This webpage is a collaboration between GCA and the Office of Sponsored Programs and is updated regularly.


The graphics below display sponsor financial reports that are past the sponsor's due date ("Backlog") as well as financial reports that are due in the current month ("Current"). Each graphic also has columns that are categorized by interim financial reports and final financial reports.

April 15 Reporting Update

The Reporting team is focusing on completing backlog final financial reports. Training on the final federal report process is complete and Huron consultants are helping by identifying tools that will streamline the reconciliation process. Training plans for the new employees who will be hired later this month are in progress.


The graphic below displays the volume of award lines that are beyond 120 days from their end dates ("Backlog") and the award lines that have not yet reached 120 days from their end dates ("Current"). 

April 8 Closing Update

In anticipation of the Closing Team’s kick-off on April 22, Huron consultants will provide job aids and employee training for the new process. Web guidance for campus will be updated as business processes become more well-defined in the coming weeks. In light of mitigating compliance risk and the upcoming fiscal year end, the top priorities in the Closing process will be: sponsor refunds, deficit transfers, and residual balance transfers (formerly known as fixed price surplus transfers).

Note: The Closing process includes but is not limited to: final reconciliations of award lines, adjusting award amounts, transferring deficits, and submitting refunds to sponsors. The Closing process does not include final financial reports or final invoices (which belong to the Reporting and Invoicing processes, respectively), which will continue to be a high priority for GCA.