Data Analytics is the process of reviewing expenditure data on sponsored awards for identification of high risk or questionable transactions.  These are not necessarily transactions that are unallowable but those that would be identified for additional review or scrutiny.  In most cases, there only needs to be a review to determine if all necessary supporting information is readily available for the transaction.  

The Controller's Office Fiscal Compliance Dashboard has been created by identifying the type of high risk activity, determining the data fields (taken from UW’s financial systems) and identifying or creating any indicators.  Each area identified has an individual dashboard or visualization.

Campus is encouraged to review the data to identify trends, gaps in internal controls, training opportunities, and any other areas of concern. 

Visualizations that are open to all campus will be visible at this link.  Everyone who has access to EDW financial reports will be able to see these open visualizations.  If no visualizations appear, ask your Astra authorizer to add you to the role Administrator/Manager/FisTech for the EDW application.

Access to the visualizations showing high risk transactions is restricted.  Contact the School/College administrator for access; an email requesting acess sent by the school/college administrator should be sent to  A current list of who has access and who is authorized to provide access can be found here.

Information on each of the visualizations showing high risk transactions can be found on the right menu of this webpage.

For any questions, additional information, or to request an on-site visit, contact the Post Award Fiscal Compliance at