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No Cost Extension

Federal agencies have different requirements. Some agencies may require the same level of effort as was proposed during the original term of the award, but others will not. For instance, NIH currently only requires a “measurable” level of effort for the PI and other key personnel during the term of the award, including any NCE periods. NSF takes a different view and assumes that the originally proposed effort will be spread over the entire award period, including any NCE periods. As a best practice, we recommend following sponsor specific terms and conditions, which may include FAQs. 

In the absence of guidance from the sponsor, if committed faculty effort will be reduced 25% or more during the extension period, a request for approval to reduce faculty effort should be submitted to the sponsor at the same time as the NCE request or notification. If no mention is made of faculty effort reduction during the NCE, then there is an expectation that the effort remains at the same level as committed during the original award period.