Examples of acceptable statements detailing type of research and desired outcome:

  • This equipment will be used during the creation of new software and electronic device technology focused on the areas of sound, video, 3-dimensional sound, sound projection and networked high bandwidth signal processing.

  • The equipment will be used in our lab for biophysical research to image biological species.

  • This equipment will be used in computational algorithm development for analysis, mining of micro array data, and technology development in high-throughput genomics.

  • This equipment will be used in research with a goal to reduce lead in city water supplies, corrosion in household water pipes, and develop systems to selectively remove radioactive isotopes from mixed waste

  • This equipment will be used in research to design proteins that can carry out chemical reactions better than a naturally occurring protein or to carry out chemical reactions that are not done in nature because the protein does not exist.  One example of this is designing proteins that will react with pesticides in a certain way in order to render the pesticide harmless

  • This equipment will be used in research on the molecular basis of inherited bone marrow failure syndromes with a goal to elucidate the molecular pathogenesis of these disorders and improve diagnosis and treatment

  • The equipment will be used to discover technological information that will lead to new ways to control humanoid robot arms and hands. The advances resulting from this research are expected to translate into new and improved prosthetic devices for upper-limb amputees, as well as improved control methodologies for industrial robots

  • The goal of the research is to make value-added chemicals from renewable biomass feedstock using catalytic reactions. The research is applicable in the development of petroleum resource substitutes

  • The system will be used in computing research. The future applications of this research include new types of high-speed computing, cryptography and secure communications

  • The instrument will be used to advance studies of the electrical properties of nerve cells. This work should lead to novel drug targets for treatment of nervous system disorders

  • This software is for quantitative analysis of experiments on the physics of sand and gravel transport by moving water. The practical application will ultimately enable better prevention of damage to the environment in and near rivers, estuaries, harbors and along coasts

  • The goal of the research is the study of optoelectronic devices fabricated from advanced materials such as organic polymer, small molecule and quantum dots. The technology that results from this research will contribute to the future market of solar cells and light-emitting diodes, with increased options for alternative energy and display technologies

  • Software for the computation of the optical properties of engineered mixed crystals - hybrids of organic and inorganic components with photoic applications in the development of new materials such as a crystalline dye laser

  • The research goal is to develop methods to produce polymer foams with very small, micron-size bubbles. We are working with both amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers in this research

Examples of unacceptable statements that would require additional information:

  • This equipment will be used for basic research.

  • This equipment will be used for research only.

  • This equipment will be used for Biological research

  • This is for an NIH-approved grant