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GCA creates a new award upon receipt of a SAGE Award Setup Request (ASR) form from the Office of Sponsored Programs. 

Types of Requests 

The SAGE Award Setup Request form is only used for setting up a new sponsored program award in Workday. 

Returns and Corrections 

GCA has the ability to return the Award Setup Request to the campus preparer. When GCA returns an item, a reason will be included in the Comments & History. Once campus makes the appropriate change, the item can be resubmitted to GCA to continue processing. 


There are two notifications when a new award is being processed. The first is an email notification from SAGE when GCA completes the review of the ASR and initiates the integration of award data to Workday. 

The second is a Workday notification confirming that a new award has been processed will be sent to the Principal Investigator and the Grant Manager. Please review the information in the SAGE ASR form and in Workday to make sure the information is accurate. 

If there is an issue or correction needed with the new award, please send an Award Portal ticket to GCA or an email to

Things to Know  

Keep payroll deadlines in mind to give enough time to set up payroll costing allocations. Visit the ISC Payroll Deadline Calendar page for more information.