When a sponsor has approved funding but the award agreement is delayed, GCA recommends setting up an advance budget, guaranteed by department funds. Without an advance budget, delayed budget setup can result in multiple expense transfers, which increase the department’s administrative burden and can be an audit risk.

After OSP has approved the eGC1, advance budgets can be requested on the My Advance Requests page in SAGE. 

Types of Advance Requests:

SAGE will automatically determine the type of request (New or Renewal) based on the award’s history:

  • New Advance: For an entirely new budget with no linkage to a previous budget number.
  • Renewal of a Prior Budget Number: For a new budget number, but one linked in an old budget/new budget relationship to a prior budget—e.g. the second or later year of a five-year award.

To add more time to a budget currently in advance status, you may request an Advance Budget Extension. Please note that advance budget periods may not exceed 18 months.

SAGE Support provides helpful guidance on completing your ADV form.

Advance budgets are distinguished by titles beginning xxxADVxxx and will have $1.00 allocated in object code 36-00 (exception: FOP 11 budgets).

The advance request tool is NOT appropriate for extending a fully established budget. If you need to keep a budget active while awaiting sponsor approval for a no-cost extension or a supplement/extension, please request a Temporary Budget Extension from OSP.

Invoices are not issued while budgets are in advance status, as we do not yet have the sponsor’s official approval for expenditures.