If you are requesting a NEW sub budget on a grant or contract award, please use the “Add New Sub Budget” link in the top left of the parent budget’s Grant Tracker budget information page. Otherwise, continue to download the Excel Form below (including for new budgets on gift or endowment budgets).

The following is intended to clarify and to develop consistency in establishing and managing parent and sub budgets.

  • To establish, supplement and/or extend a sub budget, Transactions/Parent/Sub (TRANSPASU) Form must be completed, or the Funding Action to establish the parent must indicate that a sub budget is to be set up. (InstructionsTRANSPASU Form.)
  • The sub budget is subject to the same compliance, reporting and administration as the parent budget, unless a separate policy statement is attached.
  • Sub budgets are subject to Grant Information Memorandum 2 (GIM 2) and must be funded so as not to incur a deficit. If a deficit occurs, the parent budget Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for providing funding in accordance with GIM 2, unless the sub budget PI has signed as the fiscally responsible party on the TRANSPASU Form.
  • The parent department identified for the sub budget will have total management responsibility for the sub budgets.
  • The department administering the parent budget is responsible for ensuring that: 1) the amounts budgeted in the parent and sub budgets equal the total award, and 2) budget restrictions are adhered to on a consolidated basis.
  • Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs earned must be recorded at the sub-budget level and will be credited to the sub-budget organization code for Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Recovery return.
  • The parent/sub budget relationship is one-to-one. A sub budget cannot be a sub budget and a parent budget.
  • The sub budgets begin date cannot be earlier than the begin date on the parent budget and the sub budgets end date cannot be later than the end date on the parent budget.
  • The TRANSPASU Form cannot be used for rebudgeting. Requests for rebudgeting that do not require sponsor prior approval must be requested in a memo or email to Grant and Contract Accounting. Requests for rebudgeting requiring sponsor prior approval should be directed to the sponsor after obtaining concurrence from Office of Sponsored Programs.