If you are requesting a NEW sub budget for a grant or contract budget, please use the “Add New Sub Budget” link in the top left of the parent budget’s Grant Tracker budget information page. Otherwise, continue to download the Excel form below (including when requesting a new sub budget on a gift parent).

To establish or supplement a sub budget or to transfer funds between parent and sub budgets, download and complete a Transpasu Form and attach it to a Grant Tracker request using the parent budget.

Please note, if you are submitting multiple Transpasu requests related to a single parent budget at the same time, please submit them as a single request on the parent budget.

Need to extend the end date of a sub budget to match the parent? You may request the extension via Grant Tracker. A Transpasu form is NOT necessary.

Updating the PI on a sub budget does require a Transpasu listing the new sub budget PI name (Box A.) along with fiscally responsible department signatures (Box C.) and parent department signatures (Box D.) to confirm the change.

Learn more about transferring from parent to sub budgets.



a. Date Prepared
b. FROM : Enter Department name
c. Prepared by & Mail Stop : Enter name and mail code of person completing the form
d. Phone & e-mail : Enter phone number AND email of person who is completing the form (this is who will be contacted if GCA has questions on the form).


a. Parent Budget Number : Enter the parent budget number
b. Expires on : Enter the parent budget’s current end date.
c. Please take the following action : Select appropriate listed action.

  • Enter a budget number where applicable.
  • Complete the corresponding lettered sections of the form as indicated. Note: sub budget extension requests are now accepted via Grant Tracker without the need for a Transpasu form.


a. Enter the Sub Budget title : If supplementing a budget or taking it out of advance status, please use the existing title.  Note: FIN only allows 22 characters in the title field.
b. Enter the old budget : if requesting a renewal sub budget
c. Enter the current budget period for the sub budget
d. Enter the total project period for the parent budget
e. Enter Principal Investigator’s (PI) Name for the sub budget  Note: If the budget type & class is 05/34, 05/51 or 06/xx the PI name should display Chair, Director or Dean.
f. Enter the PI Department for the sub budget
g. Enter the PI’s Employee ID number
h. Enter the PI’s Organization code
i. Enter the PI’s mail stop number
j. Select the location of the project
k. Enter the Indirect Cost Rate per the location of the award. This step is crucial in determining the IDC/F&A rate. If incorrect or does not match, the form will be rejected.

Note: The IDC rate for the sub budget being set up is based on the location/terms & conditions of the award and may be different from the parent budget.

a. Enter amounts you want to transfer from the parent to the sub or from the sub back to the parent for each object code.

Funds can only be moved between parent and sub-budgets. Funds may NOT be moved directly from sub budget to sub budget.

Funds MUST be available in the object code(s) of the FROM budget for each object code being transferred. Confirm the budget amounts are available in each object code in FIN or MyFD before completing this section.

Considerations for filling out Step 4 :

  • Total Direct Costs is the total of the direct costs entered into object codes 01 through 38

25-99 Indirect Costs (aka IDC or Facilities & Administrative Costs): The IDC rate for the sub budget being set up is based on the location/terms & conditions of the award and may be different from the parent budget.

  • Find your rate for the sub budget.
  • Check your award (and MyFD Budget Profile) for appropriate rates to use for the sub budget that you are establishing.
  • Use the MyFD Budget Profile “Indirect Cost” section to determine which object codes are IDC exempt.
  • Note Code number in the “Value” column for “Indirect Cost Actual Base”.
  • Click “Indirect Cost Actual Base” to see list of exemptions for the “Indirect Cost Actual Base” code.
  • Add the amounts in each of the object codes that will be charged IDC, then multiply the total by the IDC rate. This is the figure that will go in 25-99.
  • The Total budget is the amount of all funds in the object codes plus what you calculated for 25-99.



It’s crucial that ALL (3) signature boxes are signed by the appropriate people.

Section C. Fiscally Responsible Department
a. Signature of the PI who will be responsible for deficits on the sub budget and reconciling the budget. Could be the PI on the sub budget or the parent.
b. Signature of Chairman or Dean in the department that reconciles the sub budget and is responsible for any deficits on the sub budget. Could be in either parent or sub budget department.
c. Enter name of the department that will be responsible for any deficits on the sub budget.

Section D. Parent Department Approval
a. Parent department must sign and approve the transfer of funds.

Note : The parent department may also have signed as the Fiscally Responsible Dept., but will still need to sign as Parent Dept.