Interim Cost Share reports need to be completed when there is a gap between when the FEC reports are released to faculty for certification and when actual FEC cost share contributions need to be reported to the sponsor on an invoice or financial report. Cost Share documented on invoices and financial reports to sponsors comes directly from the "Actual Total" displayed in the Cost Share Summary application. FEC cost share contributions are ONLY updated when an FEC is electronically certified within the Effort Report application, and is therefore only recorded four times a year (twice each for the Calendar and Academic reporting cycles).

Interim Cost Share reports provide certified documentation that the faculty effort cost share was performed so Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) can submit invoices and financial reports to sponsors prior to when an FEC is certified. These reports must go to Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) before GCA can use them.

Note: The cost share that is later electronically certified on an FEC should match the cost share that was certified on the Interim Cost Share Report.


  • Download the appropriate Interim Cost Share Report
  • Complete and have the faculty member certify and date the report.
  • Scan and send the completed certified (signed) report to MAA via
    • MAA requests these be submitted to them at least two weeks before GCA needs them. 
  • MAA prepares a spreadsheet to calculate the dollar value and % of the effort that was performed.
  • This spreadsheet is attached to a Grant Tracker message by MAA for GCA to use on the invoice or report submitted to the sponsor.

Please see the Interim Cost Share Job Aid for more information.

The cost share documented on an Interim Cost Share report is ONLY used to complete an invoice or financial report to the sponsor and is not entered into the Cost Share Summary. The Cost Share Summary is updated when an FEC is electronically certified by the faculty member. In addition, a budget normally cannot close until the final FEC has been certified electronically, documenting the cost share effort during a budget period.