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Cash Received

Payment information for invoices issued by GCA is available on the award's Budget Information page on the Grant Tracker website. Any unpaid amount will be listed in the "Open" column in the Financial Information section. The Invoices section lists all invoices issued by amount, with any open amount for each, and the Payments section provides details on individual payments, including which invoices they were applied to and the date payments posted. 

Note that grant and contract invoice payments are NOT reflected in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD). The MyFD Budgeted and Revenue amounts are based on the funding the sponsor has committed to the award, regardless of whether payment has been received yet or not.

The revenue amount displayed in FIN and MyFD corresponds to the grant/contract award amount. The revenue displayed in FIN often does not correspond with cash received on the project. If a grant or contract is prepaid (paid in advance) then the revenue most likely will correspond to the cash received. However, if the grant or contract is invoiced, then the cash received will correspond to invoices the sponsor has paid to date and will not match the revenue amount displayed in FIN.

Information regarding cash related to a particular budget can be found on the GCA (Grant and Contract Accounting) Grant Tracker. All GCA budgets can be viewed online through Grant Tracker. You can search by various criteria, including budget number, grant number, and PI. One of the items displayed on Grant Tracker is a list of payments received from the budget’s sponsor. Grant Tracker can be found at: /gca/grant-tracker-welcome

This information is available on the Grant Tracker Budget Information page. Clicking the number in the Drawn column in the Financial Information section will pull up a current report:

Note that drawdown reports are available for the parent and any sub budgets separately or combined. If the award is a multi-year project that receives a new budget number each year, you may you view drawdown reports for the current period or for the award period as a whole.