Many GCA processes are changing because of UW Finance Transformation. This webpage is designed to guide you through these changes and to share updated information as we receive it. GCA is part of the UWFT Research Administration Pillar and our processes are included in the Grant Award to Close End-to-End.

Key Cutover Dates

The following are key dates in the cutover to Workday Finance. More information about cutover can be found here.

  • 10/11Deadline to certify FECs for the period ending 6/30/2023
  • 10/12: Catch-up load will update Workday cost share with FEC and non-FEC cost share actuals not included in initial upload 


Contacts for Items No Longer Managed By GCA

Effective July 6, 2023, the following budget types/classes and processes will no longer be managed by GCA:

  • Fixed Price Surplus budgets (budget type/class 05/34). Post-go live contact: UWA Controller's Office via UW Connect Form
  • Clinical Medicine (05/52). Post-go live contact: Christine Ward, Senior Director of Finance, UW SOM
  • Corporate and Research Affiliate Programs (budget type/class 05/55). Post-go live contact: Corporate and Foundation Relations, uwcfr@uw.edu
  • Royalty Income (budget type/class 05/57 excluding Royalty Research Funds) Post-go live contact: UWA Controller's Office via UW Connect Form
  • Gift budgets and discretionary budgets (budget type 06) Post-go live contacts: Tobin Eckholt, Senior Director, Gift Services, and Krissy Tanaka, Gift Controller
  • New contact for Institutional Review Board (IRB) Fee journals: Human Subjects Division, hsdrely@uw.edu (eff. June 14)


Award Portal

Award Portal is a replacement for GrantTracker, a system owned by Grant & Contract Accounting that provides up-to-date grant and contract information to UW researchers and staff. The application launched on July 11, 2023. Please visit the Award Portal landing page for a link to the application as well as training resources and materials.

For Sponsors

GCA is in the process of sending several communications to sponsors to inform them of the transition to Workday Finance and what that means for them. We will add samples as they become available.

Helpful Links

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