The UW Office of Global Affairs has announced a new policy regarding student international travel.

Please read about the policy and FAQs here:

In addition to other kinds of international travel, this policy affects graduate students traveling out of the United States to attend a research conference paid for on a sponsored program. It is designed to protect students in case they have a safety or health issue while they are out of the country.

Please click on the link above for more information. This policy outlines three important pre-departure requirements for all students traveling abroad for official academic purposes, including attending a research conference:

  1. Register international travel with the Office of Global Affairs (OGA)
  2. Purchase comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance while abroad (cost is $1.74/day for up to 14 days), unless the student has insurance that has the same coverage
  3. Request a waiver for travel to high risk destinations

Note that the cost of this insurance is an allowable charge on the sponsored award that is funding the travel costs, unless otherwise specifically disallowed by the sponsor, by policy or terms of the award.

Of course, the sponsored award should not be charged for this insurance if the award is not funding the associated travel.

For any questions not answered by the FAQs at the link above, please contact Nicholas Hill in the Office of Global Affairs: