Our team has completed the SAGE Budget legacy upgrade and the system is back online. Thank you for your patience during our extended system maintenance.

SAGE Budget Release Overview

Legacy Upgrade

  • All legacy format SAGE Budgets have been upgraded to the new (current) design (unless notified).
  • Auto Adjusting Entries (AAE) have been converted to a standard costs line on the primary worksheet, with a note, “Converted Auto Adjusting Line.” The following budget details remain the same:
    • Object/sub-object code
    • Cost amount
    • Periods
  • Those who had access to legacy format budgets have the same access in the upgraded version.
  • All costs and settings that were enabled on legacy format budgets are enabled in the upgraded version (except for AAE - see above

Budget List

  • The option to create legacy budgets has been removed.
  • The FORMAT column has been replaced with a CREATED DATE column.
  • An “Upgraded” icon displays on budgets that have been upgraded.

Budget History

  • On the History page, snapshots of legacy budgets now display in the new (current) design.

SAGE Budget Resources

For detailed instructions on how to create and manage your budgets using the new design, refer to the SAGE Budget job aid and user guides:


Contact sagehelp@uw.edu if you have any questions.