Grant and Contract Budget Status Report

A department-level snapshot of grant and contract budgets including remaining balances, percent expended, and percent of budget period remaining.

Advance Budget Number Report

Grant and contract budgets in advance funding status for a designated org code.

Budget Summary by Org Code

Displays budgeted amounts, transaction totals, and balances for an org code during a specific reporting period. Can be filtered by budget type/class.

Consolidated Budget Status Report 

Budget-level status information by org code, parent budget, or MyFinancial.desktop Static Budget List.

Grant and Contract Certification Report

Payroll certification for staff paid on grant and contract budgets.

Grant and Contract Deficit Report

List of grant and contract budgets currently showing a deficit balance.

Journal Voucher Detail

Allows download of the details of a specific JV number or JVs posted to a budget number during a selected period.

100% Sponsor-Funded Faculty Report

Displays faculty within a selected org code who submitted one or more applications to OSP during an FEC cycle in which they were paid 100% from sponsored funds.