As the complexity and number of grants and contracts at our institution increases, so do our management and stewardship responsibilities. It is essential that staff involved with the management of sponsored projects receive quality training in the processes and procedures of their day to day work.

Courses listed below provide valuable guidance in post award policies, procedures and processes for monitoring grants and contracts in compliance with Federal, State and University policies and procedures. We urge you to explore these training opportunities.

GCA Forum

GCA hosts quarterly Forums to provide face-to-face guidance and information on process updates to campus. Please see the Forum page for details of upcoming sessions or slides and video from prior ones. For more information or to suggest a topic, please contact

Post-award trainings are offered via CORE and POD.

The goal of Office of Research/CORE (The Collaborative for Research Education) is to enhance the existing research learning program previously offered through OSP. Representatives from across all of OR’s organizational units, including GCA, MAA and Internal Audit, are collaborating to manage curriculum planning and course evaluation, and exploring new avenues for teaching, such as on-line courses.  

CORE’s website and registration tool.

UW’s Professional & Organizational Development (POD) website. 

Current information is available through the Monthly Research Adminstrators Meeting (MRAM).  To join MRAM and/or sign up for their mailing list, visit the MRAM website: Monthly Research Administrators Meeting.