Grant Tracker Topic Glossary

The following topics are available for Grant Tracker Notes:

Advance Bgt: Issues related to a budget currently in advance status.

Budget Setup: Issues related to how a budget has been established in the system, such as rebudgeting, sub budget extensions, or status of Funding Actions/Post Award Changes (PACs) received in GCA.

Closing: Issues related to a budget's closeout, such as status 3 requests, deficit budget requests, or notifications of pending extensions.

Compliance: Issues related to the allowability of expenditures or other budget actions.

Cost Sharing: Issues related to a budget's cost share commitment or contributions.

Indirect Costs: Issues related to a budget's indirect costs/facilities & administrative (F&A) costs.

Invoicing: Issues related to invoices issued by GCA to a budget's sponsor or incoming funds to your grant/contract budget. Do NOT use for questions about invoices received from subcontractors or vendors--contact Procurement Services for assistance with outgoing payments.

Program Income: Issues related to a Program Income sub budget

Reporting: Issues related to financial reporting.

Sponsor Payments: Issues related to funds received from a sponsor that do not fall under the Invoicing topic. 

Termination Notice: Issues related to termination notices for trainees or fellows funded by NIH training grant or fellowship budgets. Do NOT use for issues related to a budget's closing or a sponsor notification that your grant is being terminated--choose the Closing topic instead.

Training Grants: Issues related to a training grant, other than termination notices.

Tranpasu: Use to submit Transpasu forms to create or modify sub budgets.

WA ST Estimate Letter: Used by GCA each June to inquire about estimated spending specific to State of Washington sponsors.

Other: Anything not covered above!