MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Access To MyFD

Access to MyFinancial.desktop must be granted from within each department before any of the MyFD functionality can be used using the ASTRA application. Each department has one or more individuals who may authorize users.

For additional information on how to check your authorizations, identify an authorizer, grant access to MyFD or remove access to MyFD, click on one of the links in the Need More Information section below.

Roles & Actions

There are two primary access actions, or roles, for the MyFinancial.desktop application: Inquiry and Expense Transfer.

Individuals with Inquiry action have the ability to view all financial data (for any budget) and exercise full MyFD functionality for several reports, including the Budget Summary Report, Transaction Summary Report, Budget Worksheet and Budget Profile Report. In addition, those with Inquiry action are able to run queries, perform online reconciliation for budgets which they have been given access, and prepare expense transfers and journal vouchers to post to the financial accounting system (FAS).

Inquiry access to at least one budget is required to utilize links in MyFD email notifications, including those generated to UW NetIDs as part of the Distribution List on MyFD JVs.

Individuals with JV/Expense Transfer action have the same capabilities as those with Inquiry action above, plus they are able to submit expense transfers on their own as well as expense transfers prepared by someone with Inquiry action. In addition, those with JV/Expense Transfer action may prepare or approve MyFD Journal Vouchers.

  • Note: Some expense transfers must additionally be reviewed and submitted by a Central Office such as Equipment Inventory or Management Accounting & Analysis.
  • Note: Either the preparer or the approver on MyFD JVs must have the JV/Expense Transfer authorization in ASTRA to fully approve a MyFD JV.

For more information on each MyFD report and whether access is unrestricted or restricted by budget, please see our Reports webpage.

Partner Applications Linking to MyFD

Access to partner applications may require authorization separate in addition to MyFD authorization. Some source documents may require additional access (such as Rome) or are only accessible to UW employees (either on campus or utilizing a secure VPN). Contacts for source documents can be found on our Reconciliation webpage. Systems accessed from the MyFD More Systems menu will launch other applications where MyFD authorization may not be applicable. Contact your unit's ASTRA Authorizer if additional access is needed.

Non-Employee Access

Access to MyFD is limited to current UW employees only (i.e. those who show as active employees in Workday). Non-employees may be eligible for MyFD access, depending on the UW affiliation. The access is limited to Inquiry (described below) and the department Administrator must renew the request for access annually through the MyFD Access Request form.

  • Important: ASTRA relies on the Operational Data Store (ODS) for current employment data, which under normal operating conditions is 24-48 hours behind current employment statuses in Workday. If you encounter an error applying authorizations in ASTRA for individuals believed to be new, active employees, please wait 1-2 business days and try the authorization again.

Depending on the nature of the work, the Contingent Worker status in Workday may be appropriate, which carries with it a UW NetID and EID, along with the ability to have access to multiple UW systems (including MyFD), rather than requesting a NetID as a contractor/consultant and requesting exceptions to multiple system access policies. Visit the ISC website, view the ISC's criteria and contact the ISC for more details.

Need More Information?

Check out the FAQs for Access / Roles which include topics like how to:

Check Your MyFD Authorizations

Obtain Access

Grant Access

Remove Access