MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Transactions may be rejected or returned for a number of reasons. 

Rejected transactions: transactions that FAS was unable to successfully post; rejected transactions may be corrected and resubmitted. All rejections will trigger an email notification to the preparer and submitter. Rejected transactions can be found on the Saved & Submitted page.

Returned transactions are returned by a Central Office, or local reviewer; each return is at the reviewer’s discretion.  Returned transactions may be corrected and resubmitted.  Transactions that are returned by a reviewer will not automatically trigger an email notification; reviewers may send an email notification to the preparer and/or submitter. It is a best practice for reviewers to include a note (on the Expense Transfer form) stating the reason for return. 

To Locate and Correct:

  1. From the Transactions drop-down menu, select the Saved & Submitted page
  2. Select search criteria (mine, by from budget, org code, or UWNetID)
  3. Check the Returned status box and click Go
  4. Click on a transaction to see the original Expense Transfer form
  5. Review any notes from the submitter or Central Office
  6. Correct the Transaction and resubmit

Note: Transactions rejected by the system will display an error message such as “FOR GRANT & CONTRACT EXPENDITURE JV'S, A B/N'S STATUS MUST BE 1 OR 3.” that will help identify the reason for rejection.  For transactions returned by compliance or reviewers, there may be an attached note that provides reason for return and steps to correct.

For information about specific rejection codes, see the MyFD glossary FAS Rejection Codes.

Need More Information?

See our Expense Transfer FAQs.