MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

There are two primary roles, for MyFD: preparer and submitter.

When preparers click on "Submit", the prepared transfer status becomes "submitted for local review". The transfer will remain in this pending status until reviewed and submitted by a submitter.

When submitters click on "Submit", the transfer status becomes "Submitted"; transactions in submitted status will be uploaded to FAS for processing.

But how do I know if I'm a preparer or a submitter?

If you are unsure what access or role you have, you may check your MyFD authorizations in ASTRA.

Submitting a Prepared Transfer

  1. Select Saved and Submitted from the Transactions dropdown menu
  2. Search for transactions by UWNetID, by the "from" budget number or organization code.
  3. Click Go
  4. Click on the blue description link for the appropriate item
  5. Review the completed Expense Transfer form
  6. Click Submit Now to submit the transaction for FAS processing


  1. Click Edit to make changes to the Transfer Expense Form, including adding a note before returning the transaction to a preparer

Best Practice: When asking a preparer to correct a transfer before submitting, the reviewer should edit the transaction to add a note detailing why the transfer has not been submitted as is.

See Locating Transactions or Preparing Transfers for more.

Need More Information?

See our Expense Transfer FAQs.