This dashboard shows all expenses posted to Object Codes used for Food purchases. 

Issues:  Food purchases are high risk as it can be difficult to prove their benefit, or necessity, on a sponsored award.  Because of this, food purchases typically require sponsor approval for each unique or individual food purchase. 

Indicators:  All charges to the following three Object Codes:

  • 03-75   Food for Meetings
  • 03-77   Catering
  • 05-01   Food

Filters:  None; the data includes all transactions, regardless of amount, on sponsored awards using the three Object Codes listed above.  

Action:  Review all food transactions to ensure:

  1. There is documented justification for how the food purchase was necessary to perform the objectives of the Award.
  2. Necessary Sponsor approval has been obtained.  This can be in the form of either:
    • Identification of food in the proposal and proposal budget (for example “workshop including lunch for 12 people at $10 per person = $120” and not “meeting = $120”)
    • If not included in the proposal then written approval from the sponsors authorized official for the purchase.