This course covers the day to day duties of an inventory contact - everything from ordering, tagging, and reporting equipment, to disposal of equipment.  It also provides tools and tips for inventory contacts to do their job successfully.

The purpose of the quiz is to introduce the inventory contact to the Equipment Inventory website and equipment policies - and make sure he/she knows where to find the information needed to manage a department’s inventory. Not every question will have an easy-to-find answer; some equipment issues cannot be answered with a simple phrase, and it mat be necessary to look on the site and  read a policy all the way through before knowing what the correct answer will be for a given situation

Target Audience

This course is strongly encouraged for each departmental inventory contact, departmental administrators, and individuals who will be assisting or backing up the inventory contact.

Format, Frequency, and Time Commitment

This course is available in a self study format, can be taken at any time, and should take between one to two hours.  It includes reading the General Inventory Procedures Manual and completing and passing the General Inventory Procedures Quiz with an 70% or higher.  Please download the quiz pdf to use the form features.  Upon completion of the quiz, send it to the Equipment Inventory Office (eio@uw.edu) and we will grade the quiz.

(The Catalyst Quiz is no longer available.)


All training offered by Equipment Inventory is free.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


This course is open to anyone who wishes to take it.  The self study materials for this course and link to the quiz are below:

General Inventory Procedures Manual

General Inventory Procedures Quiz


Last Updated December 18, 2018