NOTE: OASIS Classes are active for no more than 90 days after setup. Class setup is a highly manual process - the training program works best when you complete all your trainings - and submit your access form - within 30 days.

Equipment Inventory offers training and informational videos regarding equipment policies at the University of Washington. All training is available online 24/7.

To access OASIS, you need to complete the following two training programs, as well as an access permission form signed by your manager.

  1. General Inventory Procedures

    This course covers basic UW equipment policies, and passing this class is a prerequisite for taking the OASIS training. When you have successfully passed this training, you will be sent an access permission form, and be invited to sign up for the OASIS training.

    The General Inventory Procedures training is also recommended for all inventory contacts, even those not needing OASIS access.

  2. OASIS Training

    OASIS training is now offered online. If you would like to sign up, please email eio@uw.eduGeneral Inventory Procedures (above) is a pre-requisite for this training. This course is required to gain full access to OASIS for your department.
    Please note that OASIS training will not be set up the last ten days of March, June, September, or December; the training database is purged quarterly, meaning any classes set up in the previous three months are deleted.

Read Only OASIS Access

We also offer a very limited "read only" access that doesn't require any formal OASIS training. Pros and cons of this type of access are detailed on the Read Only OASIS Access page. To gain this "read only" access, please complete and submit the Read-only OASIS Access Form.

Listing of Equipment Inventory Office Videos

EIO offers videos covering how to use OASIS; the physical inventory process, including converting your text files into an Excel spreadsheet; and the M&E Tax Exemption. View all videos here.


Last updated 01 February 2022