Please note: OASIS is no longer the property management system of record; these processes will have changed, and are the function of Unit Asset Coordinator.

The following checklist is a guide for inventory contacts to make sure they are successful:

  • Is your department aware that you are the inventory contact?
  • As an Inventory Contact, you are responsible for general daily inventory tasks. Do you know what those include? Those include:
    • Tagging assets within 3-7 days of receipt, and reporting them;
    • Tracking pending assets to get them entered and approved in OASIS;
    • Problem solving inventory issues;
    • Updating asset information (changes in contact, location, etc.);*
    • Proper disposal of assets
    • Overseeing the biennial physical inventory process, including timely completion.
  • Do you have tag stock on hand for new equipment (both white for inventorial equipment and purple for non-inventorial equipment)? (To order tags, go here.)
  • Does your department know to alert you immediately when they receive equipment?
  • Does your department know to alert you each time they relocate equipment?
  • Did you tag the equipment within 3-7 days after receipt?  If not, were prior arrangements made with the Equipment Inventory Office?
  • Did you record the identifying equipment information and report it to Equipment Inventory via direct entry into OASIS or with a UW Equipment Information Form?
  • If you have a recent change in department head, administrator, inventory contact, or backup contact, have you updated that information with EIO? If so, please use this web form to make the necessary changes.
  • If you have had a replacement under warranty of an asset, have you updated the serial number in OASIS? Have you notified Equipment Inventory of the tag number change?

Note: It is not accepted practice to wait for the biennial physical inventory to make equipment updates.